Check In & Inventory Reports

The main body of our comprehensive inventory includes the condition of ALL fixtures and fittings within the property starting at the entrance to a room.

Frame – front and reverse, door – front and reverse, ceiling and fixtures, walls and fixtures, fixed lighting, windows, sills and curtains or blinds, heating, woodwork, floor coverings, pictures and mirrors, freestanding furniture, sockets and switches and any miscellaneous items. All these details are supported by photographs of each room highlighting any defects noted.

The Declaration page is at the end of the report where the tenant is invited to sign it electronically or make any comments, additions or alterations if necessary.

Check Out & Inventory Reports

The property will be inspected as thoroughly upon check out as it was upon check in. Obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/Landlord. The report will record all damaged/soiled/missing items and whether in the opinion of the Clerk, the tenant is responsible and thus liable for charges. However, the law allows for Fair Wear & Tear and this will be taken into consideration when the Check Out report is compiled.

Mid Term Inspections

Mid-term inspections every three months can help ensure problems don’t get any worse and make sure the landlord doesn’t get a nasty shock at the end of a tenancy.

Mid-term inspections can also alert a landlord to maintenance issues such as damp and mould that can be addressed immediately to stop escalation of the problem.